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Boing! Parties booking terms and conditions

​​General requirements


• It is the hirer’s responsibility to be aware of the time and to arrive and leave at the agreed time. It is very important that, unless helping to tidy, clean and set down, guests leave the premises at least 30 minutes before the end of the booking, enabling Boing! staff to ensure that Boing! is clean, tidy and ready for the next booking. 

• You will be given a contact number to ring if there is an emergency or any time keeping issues.  If you are running late and contact is made with a Boing! staff member then your original booking time will apply but time will not be extended to compensate for your lateness. 

• We do not tolerate abuse, violence, foul language or inappropriate behaviour being used towards staff members and/or members of your party/public whilst using Boing!

• You are welcome to bring your own refreshments and party food. Boing! will supply tea, coffee, milk and squash for children.  If you are serving food, please be mindful of any allergies that may exist among your guests.  Please note that Boing! is a nut free area.

Health & Safety and insurance


• No smoking or alcohol to be consumed whilst on Boing! or The Hub premises at any time. 

• Socks must be worn at all times whilst on the equipment (shoes must not be worn on the equipment). 

• Food/drink are not allowed on the equipment. This is both a cleanliness and health & safety issue.

• 4 adults need to be in the building at all times (this does not include the Boing! Party Host). 

Boing!  can easily accommodate 25 children and 20 adults - this is our maximum capacity.

• Balloons must be kept off the softplay equipment - this is a health & safety requirement.

• All children using the equipment must be under 6 years of age.

Cleaning & building maintenance


• The first 15-30 minutes of your booking can be used for setting up (if necessary).  The final 30 minutes of your booking must be used for setting down, tidying up and cleaning.  The Boing! Party Host will assist you with setting up and setting down. 

• You will need to take away any rubbish you generate so please consider what you bring and buy for the party.

• Signs, banners, balloons, decorations etc must be put up in the appropriate place as advised by the Party Host.  They must not be put on windows or painted surfaces.

• We do not allow any forms of glitter and confetti.  This includes glitter balloons.

• The hirer is liable to pay the costs of any damage resulting from the hire.

• Children should be encouraged to use the toilet before accessing the softplay.  If feeling unwell, they should not play on it.  Please be aware that, should a toilet accident and or sickness occur, an immediate deep clean may be required which may involve clearing the softplay for a lengthy period.

• The Boing! Party Host will be on site to enable access to the kitchen.  Children are not permitted to be in the kitchen at any time.

COVID19 related (some of these may apply at time of booking but not at the time of the party)


​• You and your guests must abide by general Government COVID19 guidance whilst hosting/attending a Boing! Party.

• We ask that, if you are feeling poorly, or displaying any COVID19 related symptoms, you stay at home.  Depending on the guidance at the time, we may take everyone's temperature with a laser thermometer upon entry and won't be able to admit anyone with a highly elevated temperature.

• We must be advised of all members of your party - every individual is counted in our total capacity figure and we have an obligation under Track & Trace to collect this information.  A sign-in sheet will be made available on the day of the party - we will keep this data for 21 days.

• We have a QR code for Boing! as do (our landlords) Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust for The Hub.  If you have have downloaded the app please do scan the Boing! QR code upon entry.

• There will be hand sanitiser available for you as soon as you enter the building and the Boing! room.  Please do help yourselves to it.

• Customers have always been asked not to eat or drink away from their table but recent Covid guidance has made this a legal requirement.  Please do not consume anything away from your table.  You may carry food or drink back to your table but you must not consume it until you are sitting down at the table.

• All customers must wear a face covering at all times unless exempted from doing so (exemptions include medical reasons, being aged under 11 years, sitting at a table to drink/eat).  Customers who are exempt and do not wear a face covering should be even more aware of social distancing rules and the importance of other guidance (such as coughing/sneezing into your elbow) due to the increased risks of transferring the virus.

• Please keep to one family in the toilets at a time. Please sanitise hands before and after entering the toilets.

• Our windows will be open during the session to provide as much ventilation as possible so please dress appropriately.

Cancellation policy

• Please note that this party, and your payment, is 75% refundable if the party is cancelled by you more than 8 weeks before the party date.  It is 50% refundable if cancelled by you between 4 and 8 weeks before the party date.  It is not refundable if cancelled by you less than 4 weeks before the party date. 

• Boing Bristol CIC will be excused, with no liability, financial or otherwise to itself, from not performing its contractual obligations that become impossible or impracticable due to an event or effect that could not have been anticipated or controlled.  This includes, but is not limited to, extreme weather events and blanket illness (including pandemics).


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