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Boing! session booking terms and conditions

  1. To guarantee a space you must pre-book.

  2. You must abide by general Government COVID19 guidance whilst attending a session.

  3. We ask that, if you are feeling poorly, or displaying any COVID19 related symptoms, you stay at home.  We will be taking everyone's temperature with a laser thermometer upon entry and won't be able to admit anyone with a highly elevated temperature.

  4. We must be advised of all members of your party - every individual is counted in our total capacity figure.

  5. We operate a 100% track & trace system at Boing!  The details you enter for your booking may also be used for track & trace purposes by the authorities.  We will keep this data for 21 days after the last session. We will also use your number to text you if we have to cancel any sessions due to illness.

  6. We have a QR code for Boing! as do Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust for The Hub.  If you have have downloaded the app please do scan the Boing! QR code upon entry.

  7. There will be hand sanitiser available for you to use as soon as you enter the room.  Please do help yourselves to it.

  8. We will still offer varied refreshments and food through the cafe but, for a little while longer, our menu will be reduced.  We ask that you do not bring your own drink, food and snacks to consume at Boing! (unless it is food for babies) and, where possible, support our cafe.

  9. Customers have always been asked not to eat or drink away from their table but recent Covid guidance has made this a legal requirement.  Please do not consume anything away from your table.  You may carry food or drink back to your table but you must not consume it until you are sitting down at the table.

  10. All customers must wear a face covering at all times unless exempted from doing so (exemptions include medical reasons, being aged under 11 years, sitting at a table to drink/eat).  Customers who are exempt and do not wear a face covering should be even more aware of social distancing rules and the importance of other guidance (such as coughing/sneezing into your elbow) due to the increased risks of transferring the virus.

  11. You cannot form groups of more than 6 people in total (including all children/babies in the group) for any reason (and that would have to be over 2 tables). And you must still socially-distance from every other customer, even within that group of 6, unless you are all from the same household or social bubble.  Guidelines state that children should socially distance, just as the adults do. We realise how tricky this can be, but it is very important to stay 2m away from other households.  Please do not sign up for the session if your child will not be able to stay with you, and away from other children/adults for the session.

  12. Please do not move any tables or chairs, as they have been spaced in accordance with distancing guidelines.

  13. To avoid overcrowding, there will be one family in the toilets at a time. Please sanitise hands before and after entering the toilets.

  14. Our windows will be open during the session to provide as much ventilation as possible so please dress appropriately for the session.

  15. In some of the group sessions there will be loud and clear singing/reading from the person leading the session.  Parents/carers are asked to keep any singing quiet and directed towards their child.

  16. Each table will have the resources needed for each family to complete activities. Please use only the resources on your table and ask if you require anything extra.

  17. Our play sessions are now two hours each, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays (9-11am, 11.30-1.30pm and 2-4pm).  Please stick to these times especially at the end of the session.  It is not in our nature to put pressure on people to leave - we love your company - but we will have a lot to do at the end of each session.  Certainly, we would be really grateful for any help you can provide in tidying and clearing up after a session.


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