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Experience Boing! Softplay Family Centre

Watch the videos below to give you a sense of Boing! from an attendee's, a party organiser's and a child's point of view.

Boing! Parties

We have a fantastic party package to make your special occasion stress-free! 


Visit our Boing! Parties page for information about what's included when you hire Boing! for a party.

Community Activities

Want to hire Boing! to run an event or activity open to the community?

We'd love to hear from you.

Visit our Community Hire page for more information about hire and the support we offer.


Private Hire

With its own kitchen, toilet facilities and café space, Boing! is an ideal space for different events.

Visit our Private Hire page for information about hiring Boing! exclusively for your own events.


Check out what other people have said about their experiences at Boing!

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