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Do you want a Boing! in your community?

Following years of establishing and developing an effective, self-sufficient way of supporting young families in North Bristol, we would like to expand into other areas of the city (maybe further afield).  In simple terms this is what Boing! has brought to the community of Lockleaze:

  • A brand new 7-day-per-week community business meeting a distinct support need for families who do use it during the day.

  • A business with core hours of 9 to 3pm leaving the space available to be used before 9am and after 3pm.

  • A place for families to go, where their children can play safely with others and parents/carers can interact and/or get some respite and/or chat to friends and Boing! staff.

  • A place where every 0-5 year old can have an affordable birthday party.

  • Boing! and its profile on social media and through the hard press has raised the community profile of Lockleaze.

  • Over 420 people (parents, carers, childminders, grandparents, foster carers and children) visiting every week.

  • Some of those visitors (possibly with a little time on their hands) wanting local opportunities to get/stay involved in training and work.

  • Training for staff to provide valuable and needed support to parents/carers of 0-5s in the community.

  • Straight-forward and uncomplicated opportunities for volunteering.

  • Opportunities for great partnerships with other local organisations including children's centres, libraries, schools, community centres and churches.  Better joined-up fundraising opportunities through such partnerships.

  • Benefits to organisations such as children's centres, libraries, community centres and churches which have seen numbers increase.

  • A financially self-sufficient initiative which has also generated a surplus to be used in the organisation and/or community.

Having Boing! located in our building brings many positive aspects. 

One is that we have way more footfall through our doors, which means customers are seeing our event advertisements, timetable, connecting with groups, other members of the community and getting to know our staff.

It also means that The Hub is being spoken about by many more people, than if Boing! wasn't here.

The Hub is located in an area which doesn't naturally have a lot of people visiting it. So these extra people coming through our doors and learning about us and our whereabouts is a great thing for the charity.  Parents visiting Boing! often become customers of ours. We have an event space next to the foyer where parents and babies can wait, so they get to see what's available, and also get referred to us by Boing! staff when they are at full capacity. So there is a benefit to business too.  

Boing! has positively affected our charity, and community and we feel that they are an amazing asset to The Hub.  We cherish having Boing! with us here at The Hub. The staff are friendly, helpful and feel like part of our team. Also the smells coming from their amazing cafe are delicious!  

Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, 6th February 2020

If you represent a community centre or church and having a Boing! in your community is something you would like to explore further please make contact with our CEO, Richard Reddrop, at  We will chat with you and if the proposal is viable, come and visit (for which there may be a fee).  From there we will start working with you to setup a franchise arrangement which includes an organisational healthcheck, support with a community consultation, support with fundraising and recruitment and training.

Once Boing! is established in your community we will withdraw and enable you to run it directly, providing a support package which includes telephone assistance, a regular visit, mystery shoppers and ongoing updates and training.

We will ask for a setup fee as well as an ongoing support fee and that you work to our basic Boing! principles but aside from that you will be in charge and use the income generated as well as the increased numbers through the door to further your own vision, aims and objectives.

Boing! Soft Play Family Centre has been an integral part of the lives of so many children growing up in Lockleaze and nearby. Its simple and intimate layout lends itself to a safe and supportive environment that is enhanced by the care and values of the team running the venue and its events. 

Since its inception, Boing!'s focus has been to engage with families from all walks of life, recognising that entering into parenthood can be a time when individuals can be at risk of isolation, if they do not have positive and supportive networks. The team has successfully created a space that is judgement-free, educational for parents and children alike, and truly builds community, as families make new connections with others at a similar stage in life. 

Rachel V, Lockleaze resident, volunteer and Community Activist

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